Friday, May 05, 2006

Aliens invade Naples, Florida?

Not to be upstaged by our friends over at FUMARE, we offer the following news of the weird:
Laser Light Blinds Sheriff's Helicopter Pilot
NAPLES, Fla. -- A sheriff's pilot was temporarily blinded when someone aimed a green laser into his helicopter's cockpit, authorities said.
Two Collier County sheriff's pilots were searching for a loud party in Naples last Friday when the laser beam was directed into their cockpit, sheriff's Lt. Mark Cherney said.
One of the pilots was wearing night vision goggles, which amplified the beam and temporarily blinded him.
The pilot suffered severe headaches and it remains unclear if the laser caused lasting damage to his eyes, Cherney said. The other pilot was not injured by the beam.
It is a felony to point a laser at an aircraft. No one has been charged in the attack.
"We have some leads," Cherney said. "We're looking for more."


At 2:32 PM, Blogger MomofDoom said...

To be absolutely fair on this one, we often hear stories in the Detroit/AA press of people in the woods outside the DTW pointing lasers at planes taking off. The reason why this activity merits felony charges is because not only could the pilot be blinded and endanger the lives of his passengers, but also the laser pointer could be "painting" the airplane in preparation for a missile attack.

One could expect such shenanigans around DTW - after all, the Detroit area is a fairly large urban metropolis where terrorists have hidden before... But Naples? And the sheriff's theory about the lasers coming from a loud party... Come on, since when did Naples become a rave capital? Wouldn't the over-65s complain about the noise?

At 10:53 PM, Blogger L. von Shtupp said...

Maybe this was a case of Monaghan's laser-like focus on the academic well-being of the University going astray temporarily?... that is, when his focus isn't on imploding AMSL, starting his bank in Naples, finding million-dollar donors to name the streets of Ave Maria Town, selling Town real estate, etc.

Folks, May is here. And that's the alligators' favorite month for doing their dirty deeds in private. We're watching you, boys.


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