Thursday, December 08, 2005

Charles Rice memo upon the abolition of the office of Life Governor (or at least as applied to him)


FROM: Charles E. Rice, Gubernator Ejectus
TO: AMSL Community
SUBJ.: Board of Governors
DATE: December 8, 2005

The Board of Governors, at a telephone meeting on December 7th, approved the two-term limit, created an Advisory Board and abolished the office of Life Governor; there were two dissenting votes. As a result, I have ceased to be a Governor. All is not lost, however. I did emerge from the meeting with a new and more impressive gubernatorial title: Gubernator Ejectus.
The fact that my new title is self-conferred does not diminish its importance or the warm feeling it generates. Besides, it really is a lifetime appointment, beyond the capacity of any board to abolish. And it is in Latin. It is, definitely, a step up.
The purpose of this memo is not to celebrate my new title. Nor is it to analyze that Board meeting, which included comical overtones arising from the overpowering by static of the telephone conferencing system arranged by AMSL. That resulted in a general inability of the participants to understand each other until the meeting was transferred to another conference site for the concluding portion and votes. I mention that problem only because, as I later learned from the phone operator, the entire problem was apparently caused by a mouse who fatally intruded himself into the telephone relay box on our very own street in Mishawaka, Indiana. The motives of that former mouse are unclear, whether obstructive or perhaps suicidal in reaction to what he was hearing. I mention this to certify that I did not put him up to it. I don’t even know his name. But he did give his all for AMSL. He deserves to be recognized and commemorated.
The main point of this memo, however, is not to discuss the above. It is rather to express my appreciation to you all, students, faculty, staff and alumni of AMSL, for your many acts of kindness, for your support and especially for your prayer. Today especially, but also every day, let us continue in a union of prayer to the Immaculate Conception for Ave Maria School of Law and for all the members of its community. I am in your debt.
Thank you. And God bless you.


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