Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Sad Turn of Events

Like some on this blog, I was reticent to air the "dirty laundry" of our alma mater for the rest of the world to smell. In retrospect, that was probably the wrong decision. Only pressure in the form of likely damage to its vaunted image will apparently speak to those in power at Ave Maria School of Law. Today, as one commenter to another post pointed out, the Board of Governors made an unnecessary change to its bylaws in order to release a man who has lent his time, talents, and Catholic author and professor emeritus at Notre Dame Law helping me, my classmates, and the entire Ave Maria community in countless ways. For those unfamilar with Professor Rice, just search the name "Charles Rice" or "Charles E. Rice" on Google and you will quickly realize just how influential this man has been in serving the Culture of Life.

The Board of Governors has demonstrated its ability to change the bylaws as it sees fit. It's not too late to fix what was done today, and perhaps to retain some semblance of credibility.

In contemplating today's action by the Board of Governors of an alma mater I love and want to respect, I am reminded of Mr. Knightley's line from my favorite Jane Austen film adaptation: "It was badly done Emma! Badly done indeed!" Thanks Buttercup's old roommate!

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