Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Questions arise about AMU land partner in Florida

Kudos to Trucido for his excellent research on this submission:

Are TM, Ave Maria-Land and potentially AMSOL getting in bed with shady business and land dealers in swampville? Naples is in Collier County, which is known to be owned and operated by the Collier family and its businesses. One of those businesses is Collier Resources Company, which was named in a federal investigation of an Interior Department land deal that nearly bilked the taxpayers out of $120 million. Give credit where credit is due: the company was merely trying to enrich itself, and incompetent/spineless bureaucrats fell for the scheme. The scheme fell through because investigators caught wind of it. Here are the results: www.taxpayer.net/bailoutwatch/collierig.pdf
A search of "collier resources company" in the Lexis business directory yields three results. One, "US Business Directory" says the address for Collier Resources Co. is 2600 Golden Gate Pkwy, #112, Naples, FL, 34105. Interestingly, that is the same address for Barron Collier Company (http://barroncollier.com/), which is the developer for Ave Maria, according to this article http://www.news-press.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051005/NEWS0106/510050465/1075/NEWSLETTER
It seems developer Barron Collier is a partner in Collier Resources Co, according to the "Minerals" section of Barron Collier Co.. The Barron Collier Co. website also has a link to avemaria.com It's unclear which company calls the shots, and who runs each or both of them.
So the pot of gold for AMSOL at the end of the rainbow in Florida supposedly is permanent funding. It's still not clear what will actually produce revenue so the law school is set for life. But if the Ave Maria-Land is being built by these Collier guys, the Board of Governors should be asking questions: What guarantees for revenue are there? And who is fleecing whom?

- Contributed by Trucido on 8/11/05


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